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Liberland Aid Foundation Provides Ambulance to Support Dominican Republic's Humanitarian I

05 September 2023

     The Liberland Aid Foundation (LAF) presented on 03 September 2023, the title to an E420 Ford Super Duty Ambulance to the Fundación Visión Pais, a not-for-profit specializing in Humanitarian Aid to the Dominican Republic. Director General, Ambassador Espensel Fragoso Furcal accepted the ambulance that will help benefit rural areas for transportation to medical care. Representatives of LAF lauded His Excellency for his selfless work to protect and to provide access to medical care to the border provinces in the DR. Representatives of LAF included Vice President Bogie Wozniak, US Representatives Michael Alwood and Kathleen Alcorn, and the Special Council to the Minister of Finance, J Y David. Vice President Bogie Wozniak stated, “We are proud to support the tireless efforts of a selfless leader such as His Excellency Espensel Furcal.” US Representative Michael Alwood, who procured the ambulance, said, “We support the Ambassador’s Humanitarian work and will continue to support similar efforts throughout the world.” His Excellency, Espensel Furcal, said that he looks forward to continuing work with Liberland in the interest of human rights and the accessibility to basic resources in underserved areas of the Dominican Republic.

The Liberland Aid Foundation is grateful for the opportunity to help expand access to emergency services for the people of the Dominican Republic. Through the Liberland Aid Foundation, and through the support of our Ambassador-at-Large, Richard Holson, III, who has been a champion of our cause from the start, this ambulance is part of the lasting relationships we are building on behalf of our fellow Liberland citizens and settlers. Every step taken towards our recognition is a unified accomplishment we all share together.

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