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Principles and Values

Humanitarian Assistance Standards

1. Humanity

Human suffering must be addressed with particular attention to the most vulnerable.

2. Neutrality

Humanitarian assistance must not favor any particular group over another in times of crisis

3. Impartiality

Humanitarian assistance must be provided solely on the basis of need, without discrimination.

4. Universality

People in every society have equal status as human beings and share equal responsibilities in providing assistance to one another when it is within their means.

1. Humanitarian assistance provided is appropriate and relevant.


2. Humanitarian assistance provided is effective and timely.


3. Humanitarian assistance provided strengthens local capacities and avoids negative effects.


4. Humanitarian assistance provided is based on communication, participation, and feedback.

5. Complaints are welcomed and addressed.

6. Humanitarian assistance provided is coordinated and complementary.


7. Humanitarian assistance actors commit to continuous learning and improvement.


8. Humanitarian assistance staff are treated fairly, and well-supported to allow them to effectively perform their jobs.


9. Humanitarian assistance resources are managed and used responsibly and for their intended purpose.

Our Team:

President: Steve Wood

Board of Directors:

Joey Langenbrunner | Bogie Wozniak | Thomas Walls | David Molineaux (Chairman) | Michael Andrew | David Vice | Vit Jedlicka (Honorary)

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