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Liberland's Humanitarian Assistance Program

What We Do

The Liberland Aid Foundation is the humanitarian arm of the Free Republic of Liberland.

Freedom, voluntarism and charity are philosophies that help guide our assistance program. Our actions communicate to the international community that our compassion and understanding for all the people we share this world with is at the heart of who we are as a nation.

We envision a world where trust exists between partner nations, and humanitarian efforts help to alleviate human suffering so that people can live a dignified existence in a more peaceful world.

Our mission is to serve as a charitable and educational organization that allows freedom-loving people to channel their generosity into needs-based humanitarian assistance and other benevolent endeavors based on the principles of voluntary action; to promote self-help through education about entrepreneurship and markets.

Interested in what we're doing? Make a tax-deductible contribution to help our humanitarian efforts!

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